Professor Elkins brings a cross-disciplinary approach to talks on AI for both academia and industry


Public Engagement

With a passion for democratizing AI knowledge, I’m active across various platforms to engage with the public, colleagues, and students alike. You can catch my conversation about the shapes of stories with Professor Latinx on YouTube and check out thought-provoking conversations at the Helix Center, where I delve into topics like ChatGPT and contemporary challenges. I’ve also graced RadioAI as a distinguished guest, unraveling the promise and peril of ChatGPT, and I’m leading a high-profile roundtable on emotions, set to take place in NYC this fall, 2023.

Research and Presentations

An active contributor to the scholarly discourse in my field, I’ve delivered over two dozen research presentations at premier conferences such as the MLA and the International Narrative Conference. Additionally, I’ve participated in cutting-edge webinars on AI, discussing research opportunities at UT Knoxville and exploring computational intelligence at an event hosted by McGill/Pitt/CMU.

Leadership and Pedagogical Innovation

Committed to shaping the academic response to the evolving AI landscape, I’ve recently addressed higher education leaders in Washington, DC, concerning strategic institutional approaches to AI. In addition to this, I offer workshops that aid in seamlessly weaving AI into various curricula. This fall, I’ll be visiting several institutions to train faculties, enabling them to better integrate AI in their educational framework.

AI Strategy

NIST AI Safety
Meta AI Safety
AALI Academia
BWG Strategy

AI Research​

Yale, Harvard, Carleton
Dartmouth Neokom Center

AI Public Roundtables

Al Jazeera TV
AI Public Roundtables
​Helix Center
tOSU Professor LatinX


30+ Conference Papers